An open China: Read Sichuan, Feel the World

On September 28, 2016, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) held the 4th event presenting Chinese provinces at the Blue Hall of the Ministry with the theme of “An open China: Read Sichuan, Feel the World”. Foreign Minister Wang Yi delivered a speech. Secretary of Sichuan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China Wang Dongming made remarks and Governor of the People’s Government of Sichuan Province Yin Li gave the presentation. Nearly 600 people including diplomatic envoys and representatives in China from over 140 countries and global organizations, business and industrial representatives, Chinese and foreign experts and scholars, and journalists were present at the event.

Wang Yi said that today we are here to host the 4th event presenting Chinese provinces, and the protagonist is Sichuan province, which is renowned as the “land of abundance”.

Wang Yi said that Sichuan is the forerunner of China’s opening-up policy. The province has always played an important role in the Southern Silk Road over 2,000 years ago as well as in the Northern Silk Road after the Han Dynasty. Today, Sichuan has become the fresh force of China’s new round of opening-up. After the grand transformation from a basin in the west into a highland of development and from an inland province into a forefront of opening-up, it has turned into a pacesetter of opening-up in western China. Sichuan is expected to become a leader in building a new pattern of comprehensive opening-up in China in the future. The constructions of the “Belt and Road” and the Yangtze River Economic Zone provide great opportunities for Sichuan to expand the scope of opening-up and cooperation and improve the development level of the open economy. Connected with Central Asian and European countries to the West, aligned with the China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor to the north, integrated in the China-Indochina Peninsula Economic Corridor, China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar Economic Corridor to the south, as well as reaching the golden waterway of Yangtze River to the east, Sichuan boasts broad prospects in its blueprint of comprehensive opening-up. The MFA will spare no efforts in supporting and promoting the opening-up and external cooperation of Sichuan in accordance with President Xi Jinping’s instructions. Let us connect with Sichuan and work together with Sichuan to compose more good stories and chapters of win-win cooperation between China and other countries.

Wang Dongming expressed that Sichuan has close connection with the world since ancient times and is now blending into global economic integration with a faster pace. As a major province with robust economy, large population, strong science and technology and tremendous resources, Sichuan plays an important role in serving national strategies. It is also the strategic link and a core hinterland for supporting the interconnected development between the “Belt and Road” and the Yangtze River Economic Zone. In 2015, Sichuan was identified as a provincial-level administrative region to systematically promote experiments on comprehensive innovation and reform by the state. This year Sichuan has been approved to set up an inland pilot free trade zone. President Xi Jinping explicitly pointed out when inspecting Sichuan that the province needs to walk in the forefront of the comprehensive development and opening-up in the west. Sichuan will seize the opportunity to boost infrastructure connectivity, speed up industrial transformation and upgrade and build up a high-level platform for opening-up and cooperation for the sake of a higher-level of opening-up and cooperation with better quality. Yin Li gave the presentation from several aspects, including Sichuan’s natural landscape, history and culture, science and education foundation, industry, market potential and development prospect, and welcomed people from all circles at home and abroad to come to Sichuan, develop business in Sichuan and settle down in Sichuan.



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