China publishes Catalogue for Key Areas of Service Export

Approved by the State Council, Chinese Ministry of Commerce published the Catalogue for Key Areas of Service Export (No.58 (2016) Announcement of the MOFCOM) on October 25 .

The Catalogue involves a broad service trade field with 22 first-level directories, 80 second-level directories and 178 third-level directories. The Catalogue highlights key industries, focuses on strengthening the support and guidance for some high value-added service fields such as research and development, technical services, radio, film and television and audio-visual services with huge development potential on the basis of comprehensively covering 12 services defined by the WTO. The Catalogue also insists on export orientation and gives priority to the industries with better export performance and greater potential such as computer and information service, construction and engineering service. The Catalogue attaches importance to policy cohesion, corresponds to the guidance and support direction of all industries and current industrial catalogues, guarantees the coordination and implementation of policies, gives consideration to public security and it does not involve any service fields that might jeopardize national security and public interests.

At present, the status of service trade in the national economy has improved obviously, becoming significant support for the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade, key factors of cultivating new energy and important carrier of mass entrepreneurship and innovation. Expanding service export is conducive to making up the weakness of service trade, driving employment and optimizing economic structure. The introduction and implementation of the Catalogue will provide important basis for the formulation of service trade policies and significant reference for all departments to further strengthen the support and guidance for key fields of service export. It also promotes the formulation of all policies to be more scientific, more targeted and more important in expanding service export scale, optimizing service export structure and cultivating the international competitiveness of “Chinese Service”.



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