Taiwan legalize five-day work week

On the 6th of December, Taiwanese Legislative Yuan approved amendments to the Labor Standards Act to enforce a five-day work week and reduce working hours, a move that Executive Yuan Spokesperson Hsu Kuo-yung said will protect employees’ rights to adequate rest, prevent them from being overworked, and bring the number of national holidays in line with the Ministry of the Interior’s implementation regulations governing commemorative days and holidays.

Premier Lin Chuan thanked Legislative Yuan President Su Jia-chyuan and Vice President Tsai Chi-chang and other legislators for supporting the amendment, singling out Democratic Progressive Party caucus whip Ker Chien-ming for his tireless efforts in the negotiation process. The premier also dispatched Hsu to convey his condolences to legislators Chen Man-li and Wu Ping-jui, who were injured in scuffles at the legislative hearing.

According to Hsu, the amendment contains several key objectives:
Create a legal basis for the five-day work week.
Raise the pay rate for employees working on their day off.
Make national holidays the same nationwide.
Provide younger workers in their first five years of employment with three paid days leave after working six months for the same employer—more than is given to civil servants. The government will ensure companies enforce this system so that workers can actually enjoy their paid leave.
Guarantee workers a minimum of 11 hours rest between shifts.
Make the labor complaint process more efficient, and strengthen protection for workers who file complaints.
Conduct on-site labor inspections and raise fines on companies found in violation.

The Executive Yuan said this round of amendments will protect the rights of workers and promote President Tsai Ing-wen’s labor policies that seek to raise wages, reduce work hours, protect nontraditional workers, help young and older people find employment, and take care of workers injured on the job.

Source: http://english.ey.gov.tw/News_Content2.aspx?n=8262ED7A25916ABF&sms=DD07AA2ECD4290A6&s=4622763EC5E6FA82


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