WTO EGA Negotiation

On December 3-4, the Ministerial Conference of the WTO Environmental Goods Agreement (EGA) Negotiation was held in Geneva Switzerland on December 3-4. The Ministers and Ministers’ Representatives from 17 participating countries attended the conference. Chinese Vice Minister of Commerce Wang Shouwen led the Chinese delegation to attend the conference. In order to implement the consensuses reached by the leaders of all countries at the G20 Summit held in September in Hangzhou China, China conducted close negotiation with all parties, made great efforts, showed due flexibility and expected to reach agreements on the premise that the core concerns of all the participants can be practically solved.

Even so, since all parties have great disagreements on some key issues, this ministerial conference didn’t reach an agreement. Nevertheless all parties showed that they would continue to work hard, strive to bridge disagreements, launch the next negotiation as soon as possible and endeavor to reach an agreement next year.

China always pays high attention to the environmental protection problem while working with the United States, playing a leading role in the process and making great efforts to promote the Paris Climate Change Agreement to be reached and come into effect. As one of the initiators of the EGA negotiation, China always participates in all kinds of negotiations with positive and constructive attitude and makes great contribution to promoting the negotiations to progress. China is willing to work with all participants to make efforts to properly deal with the core concerns of all parties, to promote to reach a balanced and meaningful EGA agreement and to make positive contribution to dealing with the problem of climate change.

Source: http://english.mofcom.gov.cn/article/newsrelease/significantnews/201612/20161202089082.shtml


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