Lukang historical area project

Taiwanese Premier Lin Chuan recently visited Changhua County to learn more about a planned project that will turn Lukang Township’s old district into a national historical scenic area, preserving Changhua’s early architecture and buildings while reviving the area’s cultural and historical richness.

When the project is completed, visitors will have a chance to see not only the modern Lukang, but also understand its evolution over the past four centuries and build meaningful connections with the town, the premier said. But more important than recreating historical settings, he said, is restoring Lukang’s landscape to its former glory. The first task is thus to rehabilitate the Lukang River and make it a world-class leisure attraction by improving water quality and creating pleasant surroundings. The government will fast-track the plan’s many challenging construction projects to produce visible results within a few years.

Lukang must also offer more convenient local transportation to accommodate a growing number of tourists, the premier continued. Building large parking facilities outside Lukang will allow tourists to take a leisurely walk into town, enjoy the sights along the way, and learn about the local culture, history and people. He also hopes Lukang’s attractions will entice visitors to stay longer so they can sample the town’s fine restaurants.

Lukang is a hub of Taiwanese culture, rich with history and character, the premier said. In addition to encouraging local residents to work with county officials to make Lukang a truly unique town, the premier pledged the Executive Yuan’s cooperation with Changhua to bolster local infrastructure and draw more tourists. The project’s objectives will thus showcase Taiwan’s historical development in Lukang, develop its growth prospects and potential for the future, and turn the town into the pride of Taiwan.



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