Taiwan passes amendments to reform energy market and fund long-term care

Amendments to the Electricity Act and the Long-term Care Services Act passed their third and final reading in Taiwan’s legislature on the 11th of January, paving the way towards a nuclear-free Taiwan and securing future funding for long-term care programs.

Premier Lin Chuan stated that the amendments to the Electricity Act have been held up for 20 years, and their passage marks a significant milestone in Taiwan’s development of green energy sources. In addition to setting a goal to make Taiwan nuclear-free by 2025, the amendments also incorporate recommendations from environmental groups and other interested parties that prioritize the development of green energy, with an eye to expanding renewable energy and creating a green, eco-friendly country.

Commenting on the Long-term Care Services Act, the premier said the current amendments set clear basic guidelines regarding funding sources for long-term care services while also relaxing regulations to expand private-sector participation, and that these measures will help ensure the success of the current long-term care 2.0 pilot program. The amended Act will be implemented beginning June 3.

Although yesterday’s amendments clearly designated estate and gift taxes, as well as tobacco taxes, as long-term care funding sources, amendments to the Estate and Gift Tax Act and the Tobacco and Alcohol Tax are still required to make the funds available, the premier noted. He directed the Ministry of Finance to actively communicate with all legislative caucuses to fast-track the required amendments.

The premier also expressed gratitude to Legislative Yuan President Su Jia-chyuan, Vice President Tsai Chi-chang, Democratic Progressive Party caucus whip Ker Chien-ming and other legislators for their support. He also thanked the Ministry of Economic Affairs and other government agencies for their tireless efforts to communicate with the caucuses of all the political parties, industry and private-sector groups to help the amendments gain passage.

Source: http://english.ey.gov.tw/News_Content2.aspx?n=8262ED7A25916ABF&sms=DD07AA2ECD4290A6&s=E6D6E89B3DBF899E


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