Taiwan’s national development goals for 2017

Taiwanese Executive Yuan Council recently passed a national development plan for the year 2017, and a four-year national development plan for the years 2017 to 2020, both of which will be implemented by various agencies under the Executive Yuan.
Premier Lin Chuan said the goals set by the four-year plan are quite challenging, and requested that all cabinet agencies give their best efforts and show how effective government works. He also expressed hope that plan details will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and amended whenever necessary in response to international economic developments.
According to the National Development Council (NDC), the government will be launching comprehensive policy initiatives over the next four years targeting the economy, social issues, the environment, government performance, education, culture, ethnic groups and national security as well as international and cross-strait relations.
The NDC has mapped out six policy themes: industrial upgrading and the innovative economy; government effectiveness and sound finances; social order and social justice; education, culture and ethnic diversity; regional balance and environmental sustainability; and national security and international and cross-strait relations.
The NDC stated that the government has set the following macroeconomic goals for 2017:
● Economic growth rate: 2.0 to 2.5 percent
● GDP per capita: US$23,100 to US$23,300
● Consumer price index: a rise of less than 2 percent
● Labor participation rate: 58.81 to 58.93 percent
● Employment growth rate: 0.54-0.75 percent
● Unemployment rate: 3.90-3.93 percent

Source: http://english.ey.gov.tw/News_Content2.aspx?n=8262ED7A25916ABF&sms=DD07AA2ECD4290A6&s=5498CF5BA77508F5


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