2017 Taipei Universiade Mt. Jade torch relay torchbearer selection

The stage two interviews in the process of selecting 2017 Taipei Universiade’s torch relay torchbearers was held at Taipei Stadium on February 18 with 50 candidates taking part who had made it through the first stage. The second stage comprised of a written test and fitness test, with the character traits, climbing knowledge and reactions the focus of scoring. The fitness test comprised of three minutes of step climbing while carrying a weight, after which heart rate was measured; the Ministry of Education’s Normative Physical Fitness Scores of step climbing cardiovascular endurance were used as reference to obtain an understanding of the individual’s personal fitness. The successful candidates were: Jia-yu Lin (National Taiwan Sport University), Ying-cong Liang (National Taiwan Normal University), Yang-zheng Qiu (Military Academy, ROC,) Guo-xuan Lin (National Tsing Hua University,) Tian-yu Huang (National Taiwan Normal University,) Yu-jia Gu (National Tsing Hua University,) Jia-qi Wang (Cheng Shiu University), with Bo-yu Qiu (National Chengchi University,) Jia-chuan Li (National Cheng Kung University,) and Ting-wei Liu (National Sun Yat-sen University) chosen as reserves.

Six of the selected torchbearers are male and four female. They have various backgrounds and come from different departments in universities in northern, central and southern Taiwan. Each of them has a special skill and, during the interview, showed a get-up-and-go character trait and climbing expertise. The youngest, Ting-wei Liu, aged 19 years old, is a professional windsurfer, once won first place in the event in the National Games and has represented Taiwan on many occasions. As well as enjoying sea-based sports, she loves adventure. She set herself the challenge of being a torch relay torchbearer. The oldest, Jia-qi Wang, is 28 years old, and the mother of boy and girl twins. She has loved mountain climbing ever since she conquered the first one of the 100 Peaks of Taiwan. Her family is very supportive of her participation in the torch relay. Ying-cong Liang is from Macau. He is one of the officials in his school’s climbing club and was named one of the Macau Top 10 Outstanding Teens. He is also a Universiade volunteer. He hopes to make a career in outdoor sports education in the future and aims to use his skills to light up Taiwan and ignite the passion of university students from Taiwan and around the world! Yang-zheng Qiu of the Military Academy showed great eagerness to be a torchbearer in his interview and aims to show the ability of Military Academy students by doing the job of torch-bearing well. Tian-yu Huang is the president of his school’s climbing club and has been mountain climbing for many years, has substantial experience and is highly skilled. He has made many friends through climbing. He will strive, with his fellow torchbearers, to let the world see Taiwan. Many are not sportsmen and women, but the selected torchbearers are keen to take part in this grand sporting event in this role and hope, through their passion for the mountains, to share the beauty of the magnificent mountains of Taiwan with the world through the torch relay.

The 10 torchbearers will undergo training together at the end of April. The training courses will cover the introduction of Universiade, the background to the torch relay, Mt. Jade climbing information and actual climb, fitness training and team work. 10 university student torchbearers will also be trained to serve as Universiade torch relay ambassadors! After training, they will climb Mt. Jade at the end of May. It is hoped the scared flame torchbearers can successfully reach the main peak of Mt. Jade and raise the curtain on the Universiade sacred relay perfectly.

Source: http://2017.taipei/files/14-1000-3377,r19-1.php


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