The 6th WTO policy review of China completed

On July 22, the 6th WTO policy review of China was smoothly completed in Geneva. The Chinese Vice Minister of Commerce, Wang Shouwen attended the meeting with the Chinese Delegation. He introduced the condition of China’s economy, trading investment, main revolution and actions of opening since the last deliberation in 2014. The Chinese ambassador in WTO attended the deliberation.

The members of WTO paid high attention to this deliberation of China’s trade policies, submitted 1,964 written questions about China’s macro-economic system and policies on trade and commerce. 59 representatives gave speech during the meeting, paid high attention to the potential of China being their important commercial partner, gave positive comments on the Chinese action of broadening the connection with foreign countries and promoted the inner economic revolution. They praised China for its rapid economy growth, bringing opportunity to other countries and sticking to multi-lateral trading system. They showed appreciation to China for supporting undeveloped countries, promoting South-South cooperation and actively influencing other countries as a big responsible country.

At the same time, some member countries also raised questions and suggestions on the transparency of China’s policies y on commerce, aiding and state owned enterprises, protection of intellectual property, over capability of production, non-tariff actions like TBT and SPS, condition and arrangement of foreign investment, and China’s joining the multilateral trading system.

Wang Shouwen responded to the questions and suggestions of the member countries during the meeting. He expressed that as the attendance rate of common people in the process of legislation is increasing, the related system of documents’ translations has been further improved, and the circulation of notices has got positive improvement. About the issue of state owned enterprises and subsidy, China will keep pushing the reform of the state-owned enterprises. As the Guiding opinions on deepening the reform of state owned enterprises was published in August 2015, it is clear that the state owned enterprises should stick to the direction of socialist market economy. The Chinese government pays high attention to the fairness and equity of the market competition of state owned enterprises. The state owned enterprises will follow the same law on investment, bankruptcy and competition. As to the protection of intellectual property, the Chinese government pays high attention to its legislation, its judicial and executive work and the construction of long-term mechanism. Intellectual property courts were set in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and“Cool Breeze” action is showing effect in this year. The exported infringed goods were restricted. The over capability of production is not only caused by periodic reason, but also structural and global reason which needs to be handled through cooperation. About the non-tariff issue of TBT and SPS, China strictly follows the duties of the agreement of TBT and SPS, china would like to keep on cooperation and conversation with other countries to promote the convenience for commerce. China is trying to sum up the pilot experience of free trade zone, and the successful experience will be implemented throughout the country. As to its participation in the multilateral trading system, China has launched off Information Technology Agreement to expand the negotiation results for implementing the domestic approval procedures, after the completion of the program in the early implementation of the outcome of the negotiations. China is ready to work with all other countries try to complete the negotiation of environmental product before the end of the year on the basis of solving the core issue of all sides’ concern.



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