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Cover of February 2012


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Table of Contents of February 2012

1. Cover story

Smart city

2. Economy outlook

China will not use technology transfer as pre-condition for market access

3. Financial strategy

HTC One series unveiled

4. Legal spotlight

Put designated abattoir of pigs in order and meeting qualification

5. Point of interest

Precious moments@ HK City Hall

6. Portrait

Premier Chen highlights Taiwan’s policy challenges

7. Remark from editor

Is smart city healthy city?

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Smart city

On 24 Feb 2012, IBM and the City of Zhenjiang, China announced that IBM is helping to transform the city’s public transportation system. Zhenjiang will use hardware, software, services and technologies from IBM’s Research labs, all brought together through the IBM Intelligent Operations Center (IOC) for Smarter Cities – a solution that will serve as the central point of command for the city. Continue reading

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China will not use technology transfer as pre-condition for market access

Commerce Minister Chen Deming of China responded to questions on the so-called “forced transfer of technology” through written interview with Bloomberg. The full text is as follows. Continue reading

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HTC One series unveiled

In 2012 Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain, HTC unveiled its new HTC One series of smartphones that represent its most premium mobile experience with a new level of iconic design and amazing camera and authentic sound experience.

“The best moments in life are captured with a photo or remembered by a song, so it was key for the HTC One series to improve these emotional experiences with an amazing camera and authentic sound experience,” said Peter Chou, CEO of HTC Corporation. “We are very focused on creating a camera and audio experience customers will love and use often and we believe the HTC One series delivers this in a way never seen on a phone before.” Continue reading

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Put designated abattoir of pigs in order and meeting qualification

MOFCOM, MIIT, MOF, MEP, MOA, MOH, SAIC, AQSIQ and SDA held on February 10 jointly a teleconference, to implement the spirit of the fourth meeting of the Food Safety Commission of the State Council, and make arrangements for designation of qualified pig slaughtering houses. Mr. Jiang Zengwei, Vice Minister of Commerce, Mr. Li Ganjie, Vice Minister of Environmental Protection, Mr. Yu Kangzhen, Chief Veterinarian of MOA, Madam Gan Lin, Vice Secretary of SAIC, Madam Liu Zhuohui, Chief Engineer of AQSIQ, Mr. Bian Zhenjia, Vice Secretary of SDA and responsible officials from MIIT, MOF, MOH, and Food Safety Commission Office of the State Council attended and addressed the conference. Mr. Fang Aiqing, Assistant Minister of Commerce presided over the conference. Continue reading

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Precious moments@ HK City Hall

To celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Hong Kong City Hall, one of the landmarks of Central throughout the past 50 years, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department is holding the Hong Kong City Hall50th Anniversary Photo Collection Campaign. More than 200 memorable photos taken during different eras have been received from the public. Precious photos of local artists at the venue, children and families, office ladies in Central, graduates and wedding couples have been brought together to show cherished occasions and fond memories of City Hall as well as capture the different stages of life. Continue reading

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Premier Chen highlights Taiwan’s policy challenges

Chen Chun (aka Sean Chen), born in 1949/10/13, recently became the premier of Taiwan’s cabinet after President Ma’s reelection.

Major policy challenges for Taiwan include U.S. beef imports, trade relations and how to reduce the wealth gap and north-south imbalance, ROC Premier Sean C. Chen told media Feb. 15. Continue reading

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Is smart city healthy city?

Cheming Yang

I recently went to Hong Kong to attend a meeting. Like most business trips that I had in HK, in and out quickly with no time to peek around.

HK is a highly efficient city and quite popular for international meeting organizers due to many reasons, the convenience of flying there for one. It has been a hub for quite a number of international flight companies and its international airport is quite cozy and entertaining. The transportation is visitor friendly as well. Street cars, buses and taxis abound. The airport express is easy to access. Passengers can check in their bags in the HK station and keep exploring the city in the final minutes before departing. And you can see the breathtaking view of the Victoria Harbor from roof tops. Continue reading

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