Precious moments@ HK City Hall

To celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Hong Kong City Hall, one of the landmarks of Central throughout the past 50 years, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department is holding the Hong Kong City Hall50th Anniversary Photo Collection Campaign. More than 200 memorable photos taken during different eras have been received from the public. Precious photos of local artists at the venue, children and families, office ladies in Central, graduates and wedding couples have been brought together to show cherished occasions and fond memories of City Hall as well as capture the different stages of life.

The Senior Manager of Hong Kong City Hall, Ms Gladys Fong, and the Manager (Venue Partnership Scheme), Miss Karen Law, on February 21 introduced the interesting photos that have been collected. Concert singer Ms Barbara Fei and pianist Ms Nancy Loo, together with several participating members of the public, also shared their photos and talked about their memorable moments at Hong Kong City Hall.

Hong Kong City Hall will celebrate its birthday next month. As Hong Kong’s first purpose-built cultural complex, the venue has been part of many people’s cherished memories over the past 50 years. In tandem with the celebration, the City Hall has invited members of the public to share their precious photos taken at the venue.

Photos of people in different costumes, graduations, weddings, family activities and various cultural activities have brought about special feelings for Hong Kong City Hall, an important cultural venue in Hong Kong over the past decades.

“Being with my family and growing old with the Hong Kong City Hall is a blessing that I am thankful to share with you all,” said Hong Kong City Hall 50th Anniversary Photo Collection Campaign entrant Mr Li Tin-cheung.

“This was taken in 1968 at City Hall by my uncle. This is our family of seven boys and girls with the eldest standing at the right and youngest at the left. I’m standing in the middle of the seven,” said another entrant, Mr Eddie Wu.

“While City Hall is celebrating its 50th anniversary, we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of our friendship,” said entrant Ms Annie Wong.

The Hong Kong City Hall, opened in 1962, is turning 50 in2012. The City Hall has ave helped produce a whole new generation of lovers of music, dance, drama, films, literature and paintings. And it will continue to welcome genius and talent from distant lands and Hong Kong’s own.



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