Chinese market supply and consumption promotion gain positive achievements

In 2014, Chinese Ministry of Commerce implemented the spirits of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the third and fourth plenary sessions of the 18th CPC Central Committee, persisted in seeking progress while maintaining stability, reform and innovation, continued to optimize the system of statistical monitoring, made efforts to enhance the capacity of market regulation, and made plans to expand consumption in business fields, gaining practical achievements in market supply and consumption promotion.
I. Statistical monitoring was strengthened, and information service stepped onto a new level.
1. The system of statistical monitoring was strengthened. The statistical monitoring index was optimized and the report system of statistical monitoring was comprehensively revised, forming an index system that is more close to the market and the reality. The Ministry of Commerce continued to optimize the structure of the samples, and 27,000 enterprises were monitored as the samples, among which more than 2,220 were information pump enterprises, covering eight circulation industries including wholesales, retails and catering. The monitoring covered 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, all prefectures and prefecture-level cities, and 80% of the counties. The quality of the data was steadily promoted, as well as the promptness and accuracy of the data submission. The submission rate of the three direct submission systems of daily necessities, means of production and key circulation enterprises surpassed 98%.
2. The capacity of market information service was enhanced. The Ministry of Commerce made efforts in promoting the depth of the analysis, forging analysis brands of comprehensive analysis, dynamic analysis and supply and demand analysis. In 2014, about 350 reports on market information were submitted, among which more than 150 are adopted by the CPC Central Committee General Office and the General Office of the State Council. The Ministry of Commerce also guided provincial commercial departments to submit about 4,000 information and analysis reports, and more than 60,000 pieces of information were released by the commercial forecast platform, up 7% year on year, playing an even more important role in serving government decisions, social production and residents’ lives.
II. Reserve regulation was strengthened and the supply ability of the market was strengthened.
1. The market regulation mechanism was optimized. The reserve mechanism combining central reserve and local reserve, governmental reserve and enterprises reserve was optimized, and the reserve management was further detailed. In 2014, the Management System for Storage of Central Reserve Meat and Sugar and the Management System for Delivery of Central Reserve Meat and Sugar were issued, and the amendment to management methods for reserve meat, sugar and border-selling tea was promoted. At present, there have been 41 provincial pre-arranged plans and 376 municipal pre-arranged plans formulated; the four-level reserve mechanism (central, provincial, municipal and county-level) has initially formed and the reserve of 29 products were established in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.
2. The capacity of emergency market supply was promoted. In 2014, to combat the earthquakes in Ludian, Yunnan and Yutian, Xinjiang, as well as the typhoons in the southeast coastal areas, the Ministry of Commerce guided local departments to launch emergency plans to guarantee the market supply of life necessities to the disaster areas. After the outbreak of the mishap that benzene exceeded the standards in part of the tap water in Lanzhou, the Ministry of Commerce guided local commercial departments to transport 3,200 tons of bottled water urgently to ensure the market supply. At present, the number of products in the database of emergency products has reached 63, and the number of key enterprises has been 1,803, forming an emergency delivery network covering more than 870 products distributing centers and 21,300 delivery centers.
3. The effect of market regulation was enhanced. In order to restrain the excessive drop of the price of live pig, the Ministry of Commerce purchased and stored 145,000 tons of frozen pork timely, and made a plan to store 58,000 tons of livestock. The Ministry of Commerce explored new mechanisms for market regulation, adjusting the policy of purchasing and storing domestic made sugar to the policy of supporting enterprises to store sugar temporarily, and made a plan that sugar enterprises could store three million tons of sugar in 2013/14. Before the Spring Festival and Corban Festival, the Ministry of Commerce delivered to Xinjiang and Tibet 7,200 tons of central reserve frozen beef and mutton, as well as 400 tons of frozen Yak meat, ensuring the supply of the local market. Together with related departments, the Ministry of Commerce organized the large and medium-sized northern cities to store vegetables for winter and spring, and guided and assisted local departments to supply to the 2nd Nanjing Youth Olympic Games.
III. The Ministry of Commerce gave play of business advantages and opened a new perspective through expanding consumption.
1. Consumption promotion policies were promoted. The State Council issued the Opinions on Promoting the Health Development of Domestic Trade and Circulation, introducing 13 specific policies and measures from promoting the development of modern circulation patterns, strengthening infrastructure construction of circulation, deepening reform and innovation of circulation and optimizing business environment, enriching measures to expand consumption. The Ministry of Commerce issued the Opinions on Expanding Consumption in the Business Field in 2014, deploying the consumption promotion work comprehensively of commercial departments.
2. Consumption promotion platforms were built. The Ministry of Commerce organized the 2014 National Consumption Promotion Month, guided local departments to build all kinds of featured consumption promotion platforms, and carried out about 2,000 theme activities with brilliant features and various forms in 300 cities. More than 150,000 enterprises attended, creating a favorable environment for expanding consumption and integrity business.


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